Star Dust Cosmic Sparkle Glitter Star Dust Cosmic Sparkle Glitter
Star Dust Cosmic Sparkle Glitter €14,95
Turn your lips, nails, body, and eyes into dazzling works of art with our star dust, a perfectly granulated mineral that adds a touch of cosmic sparkle to your look! 🌟   Net weight of 0.17oz / 5g
Vegan Non-Irritating Makeup Remover
Vegan Non-Irritating Makeup Remover €28,95
This remover's got your back, leaving skin smooth without any oily leftovers! Easily takes off makeup from your face and peepers, plus it's free of Parabens and fragrances, and no irritation here. 😉   Net weight of 8oz / 250ml
Platinum Glow Illuminator Platinum Glow Illuminator
Platinum Glow Illuminator €22,95
  😍 Get that #glowup with our Platinum Glow Illuminator! This sheer cream liquid is loaded with light-reflecting pearls that perfect your skin, leaving you with a soft, natural glow. 💎 Our ultrafine luminescent pearls absorb, reflect, and refract light, giving you a polished and natural radiance. 💦 Water-light and sheer, this formula has a prismatic effect that keeps your refined glow shining in any light. 😎 Don't let your glow fade, get our Platinum Glow Illuminator today! Net weight of 0.68oz / 20ml
Color Intensifier
Color Intensifier €12,95
Mix our color stay intensifier with any powder formula to intensify the color and your formula water-resistant. For example, mix with eyeshadow to transform it into a brighter color. Net weight of 15 ml / 0.5oz

Natural Ingredients

Our products set themselves apart from the rest by only including the best all-natural ingredients for healthy, glowing skin. We add beeswax to help give our products a solid form without the need to use preservatives or chemicals.


We're a certified cruelty-free brand. This means all of our products are made with cruelty-free formulation practices. "Cruelty-free" is defined as not testing on animals.

Ethically Souced & Vegan

All of our products are proudly Vegan, free from phthalates, GMOs and SLS. We also only use ingredients which come from ethical sources so every product you purchase helps to make the world a better place.
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